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Highly Skilled Cuts by Dave offers excellent hair cutting services. Dave is a highly skilled barber with almost 25 years of experience.

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List of Services

  • Specialty Haircuts
  • Childern / Teens
  • Senior Citizens
  • Full Shave
  • Mustache & Beard Trimming
  • Facial Cleanse


  • Shampoo haircut and shave Line-up
  • haircut & beard trimming
  • Shampoo haircut and shave Line-up Facial cleanse
  • haircut and shave Line-up

Hair Styling

Dave Treats All His Clients With Exceptional Care

  • Extra Short Fade
  • Closely Cut Temple Fade
  • Well-Polished Fade
  • Fade With Cool Afro On Top
  • Simple Fade
  • Extra Short High Fade
  • Clean Low Fade
  • Smooth Fade
  • Statement Fade
  • Extra Short ‘Fro With Fade On The Temples
  • Contour Fade
  • Mohawk With Tapered Sides